Fatburger Maui – Pukalani Terrace 808-573-2159

Aloha & Welcome to FATBURGER Maui – Pukalani Terrace 808-573-2159

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In 1952, Lovie Yancey created something unique. A culture. A phenomenon, if you will. She created the biggest, juiciest hamburgers anyone had ever seen. So obviously, there was only one name for them – Fatburger.

Half a century later, while other places are just discovering taste, we’re still making hamburgers the way she did. Fresh lean beef, not frozen patties. Cooked-to-order, just the way you want it, every time.

And now you can enjoy FATBURGER in Hawaii!!

55 Pukalani St. #17D Makawao, HI 96768
Phone: 808-573-2159

Operating Hours: Mon-Sun:10am-11pm

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