Ole Surfboards – Maui Hawaii

Bob “Ole” Olson is an artist. His canvas is foam. Surfboards, his product. Quality is what he strives for, with handcrafted boards that draw acclaim from legendary surfers all around the World.

Ole moved to Maui Hawaii in 1971. Over time he began making custom surfboards, perfecting his art and creating some of the finest boards in the business.

Recently, the shaping industry has taking on huge changes in regard to new technologies and materials. This makes Ole’s boards that much more special, as each one is produced from the heart and skill of a true craftsman.

For more information about Ole Surfboards, call (808) 661-3459.

Ole Surfboards
277 Wili Ko Pl # 13
Lahaina, HI 96761-1586
(808) 661-3459 ‎