Brittni Paiva – Hawaii Ukulele Virtuoso

Brittni Paiva - UkuleleAt 21 years of age, Brittni Paiva (pi –VAH) is the preeminent female `ukulele player from Hawaii. Affectionately referred to as the `ukulele darling, Brittni is a native of Hilo, on the Big Island. She is a multi-award winning, multi-instrumentalist with a prodigious gift who is wholeheartedly embraced by a global audience.

`Ukulele, guitar, electric bass, piano and drums are Brittni’s instruments of choice, yet when it comes to the `ukulele she invests as much soulful transparency as skill. Jon Woodhouse, editor of the Maui Beat wrote, “ `Ukulele master Eddie Kamae recognized her prodigious gift. “Brittni is different,” he proclaimed. “You can see it in her face and the way she plays her music. It comes from her soul.”

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