Culinary Stars Hawaii – Cooking Competition

“CULINARY STARS’’ Hawai‘i is a cooking competition.

Becoming an Executive Chef and running your own restaurant or becoming a restaurateur and owning your own restaurant, takes a lot of hard work, elbow grease, dedication and most of all, passion. The journey to be the best chef that you could possibly be and becoming a Culinary Star is a journey that a young chef, just starting out, may not realize how hard and long this journey could be.

This competition is taking an experienced, seasoned and professional chef whose journey has taken them to a great professional position and teaming them up with a student chef from a culinary school, academy or institute. These student chefs are just starting out with new and fresh ideas in how they want their career to go. This competition will bring them into reality. It is a competition that challenges each chef’s skills, both professional and student chefs. There will be 6 professional chefs that will be selected and teamed up with 6 student chefs to make 6 teams. The teams will be judged and will win as a team.

The professional chefs job on this 2 person team is to guide, teach, inspire and mentor their student chefs through each challenge, seeing that their student chef gets to the finale’ by completing each challenge and being the best. The idea is to have the student chefs learn from the professional chefs in real live situations that the professional chefs had to deal with in becoming a professional or executive chef. These teams will compete and encounter twists, turns and unexpected challenges that will send the competitors into an entertaining tail spin, never knowing what to expect. Some challenges will have entertaining twist and turns that will be unexpected and require real cooking knowledge and some challenges will be just about skill and technique.

These “Culinary Stars” will compete to show their skill for prizes that may include TV appearances and cash prizes!!

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Culinary Stars Hawaii is being produced by: KyMoKi ENTERTAINMENT INC.

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Category: Reality cooking competition
Network: KHON TV2 (FOX AND CW)
Episodes: 5 Episodes
Host: TBA
Shoot Location: Maui, HI
Audition Location: Maui, HI
Produced by: KyMoKi Entertainment Inc.