Maui Shark Attack – October 18, 2012

Maui Shark Attack – October 18, 2012

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Maui resident Dave Peterson was attacked by an 8′-10′ shark while paddling his stand up board at Kanaha Beach. All North Shore Beaches were temporarily closed due to this incident. Stay tuned for more information!
On October 18, 2012 Maui Surfer and Board Shaper. Dave Peterson was on his stand up paddle in waters 300 yards off Kanaha Point in Kahului. Peterson was standing on his board and a shark swam up and knocked him off into the water, landing on the shark’s back. The shark then grabbed ahold of Peterson’s surfboard, digging it’s teeth into the board with aggression. Peterson then grabbed his paddle and began hitting the shark with it. The shark broke free from the board and swam toward Peterson. Pushing the shark away with his hands, Peterson then climbed back onto his board and the shark swam away. Teeth marks were left on the board, showing just how lucky Peterson was to get away without any injuries.

Dave Peterson makes custom stand up paddle boards. Check out his web site at:

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Maui Dawn Patrol – Custom Stand Up Paddle Boards

Maui Dawn Patrol was started in 2007 to fill the need on Maui of a surfboard factory that was built with rooms meant to handle the 12 foot Stand-up Paddleboards that were being made at that time. Most surfboard factories aren’t designed to handle that large of a board, and production was really hampered at that time because no one on Maui really wanted deal with them.

David Peterson saw the potential of the growth of the sport, and wanted to build them in a “friendlier environment”, aka rooms designed to handle a big board without bumping into everything everytime you moved it. So he started Maui Dawn Patrol in the Pauwela Cannery on the North Shore of Maui to build Stand-up Paddleboards , basically because at that time nobody else wanted to, or so he thought.

“Little did I know that every major surfboard and sailboard company was busy having boards molded in China and Thailand ready to flood the market with inexpensive pop-outs”. He didn’t see that one coming, or the recession, not the best time to start a new business. Luckily the surfboard business somehow seems to not follow norm.

“That’s okay, I really wanted to focus on the custom market, and the way board designs changed so fast, what was thought to be the right design or size was outdated in 2 or 3 swells”. He hardly builds anything over 10 feet anymore, and is constantly building new boards for himself, sometimes selling them in the water on their maiden voyage.

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