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Ocean VodkaThere’s a New Ocean Vodka Distillery on Maui! Ocean Vodka. A completely Organic Vodka with an amazingly smooth taste!

Ocean Vodka recently secured 80 acres of open land on Maui Hawaii, the site of a new state-of-the-art micro distillery. The land is 1000 feet above the ocean near Kula and has beautiful views of both the north and south shores.

Ocean Vodka has a pristine taste developed from the purest ingredients. It’s the perfect choice for martinis and fine cocktails as well as straight up or “on-the-rocks” enjoyment. 100% All NATURAL, ORGANIC AND GLUTEN FREE!!

Ocean Vodka is certified 100% USDA organic and is the only vodka in the world distilled from organic sugar cane. As a result, Ocean Vodka is naturally gluten free – perfect for those intolerant of gluten in their diet. Finally you can enjoy a great tasting vodka with Absolutely NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms), herbicides, or pesticides all of which ensure the cleanest, purest, most refreshing martini experience.

Ocean Vodka is the only spirit in the world made with deep ocean mineral water; Another benefit of being handcrafted on the beautiful island of Maui. The high mineral content of the water imparts a unique character to Ocean Vodka and adds great depth of flavor to the traditional vodka cocktail.

Ocean Organic VodkaAll 80 proof vodkas are comprised of 60% water, so the quality of the water source dramatically influences the quality of the vodka. Deep ocean mineral water originated as Greenland glacier melt over 2,000 years ago, traveling gradually around the globe through deep ocean currents until arriving in Hawaii.

This water is then sourced from 3,000 feet below the Big Island of Hawaii, where it is ice-cold, deeply pure, and full of naturally occurring minerals. Once the water is brought to the surface on the Kona coast, it is organically purified and desalinated through reverse osmosis, natural filtration that removes sodium while retaining rich minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

If you haven’t tried Organic Ocean Vodka yet, please pick some up and see what you think!!

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Organic Ocean Vodka
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