9th Life Hawaii – Maui Cat Sanctuary

9th Life Hawaii has Cats & Kittens available for adoption! 9th Life Hawaii is Maui’s ONLY non-profit, NO KILL all Cat Rescue Sanctuary. Your adoption fee covers worming, sterilization and vaccination. Call 573-3365 or email 9thLifeHawaii@earthlink.net

9th Life Hawaii - Maui Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

9th Life Hawaii Continues to care for more than 260 cats in our sanctuary, despite the downturn in the economy. Lately, our seasonal donations have dropped dramatically, but the cats still need to be fed, medicated and receive tender loving care, regardless of the lack of money received. Like most charities in this dreadful economy, we are hurting for the donations that keep the operation moving forward. 9th Life Hawaii is being asked to take in more and more cats from people who are leaving Maui because they have lost their jobs and homes.

We need help immediately to help fund the large amount of new cats and kittens at the sanctuary. Any amount would be appreciated. $10, $20, $50, $100 or more. Your generous donations are accepted with Aloha and go directly to the loving care of all the animals at 9th Life Hawaii.

To help with 9th Life with a contribution today, please call 808-572-3499, or go to http://www.9thLifeHawaii.org and click on the “DONATE” link. Mahalo!!

Many of you may not realize this but kittens can get pregnant at 4 months of age, deliver 9 weeks later and when her first litter is 7 weeks old, momma can get pregnant again. If you have been doing the math, you can see that this one female cat could be a grandmother before she is even one year old. It is so important to sterilize cats early. 9th Life is working with vets who specialize in pediatric Spay/Neuter and as of May 2012, we have sterilized more than 5,299 cats. Please consider our FREE ongoing spay/neuter clinic for cats (pets and feral). Call 573-3365 for information. One clinic per month, please call for an appointment.

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9th Life Hawaii – Compassionate Cat Control
Phyllis Tavares, Executive Director
PO Box 476 Makawao, Hawaii 96768

501c3 recognized non-profit EIN #99-0341213

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