KoAloha Ukuleles

KoAloha Ukulele is proud to be regarded as one of the premier ukulele builders. KoAloha’s reputation for sound and quality are the result of the continuous pursuit of perfection. Each ukulele is meticulously and lovingly crafted by hand. Alvin Okami has been called by many a modern day “Renaissance Man.” He is an inventor, an innovator, a composer/arranger, a singer, an accomplished oboist, an industrial designer, graphic designer, and overall brilliant conceptual and spontaneous idea man.

His musical background has provided him with all the necessary experiences to enable him to design and create an ukulele of unsurpassed quality. From the very beginning, he has been obsessed with the pursuit of producing the finest ukulele available in the market today. As a musician and craftsman, he would accept nothing less than handcrafting the most beautiful and best sounding instrument.

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KoAloha Ukulele
744 Kohou Street Suite K – Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: (808) 847-4911 – Toll Free in the USA: (866) 840-4911

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