Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce – Maui Hawaii

On September 10, 2010 a special event took place at Maui’s Grand Wailea Resort. The Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce’s 2nd Annual Ko’i Award Dinner.

The day started out with a beautiful sunrise that brought the day to life, with the ceremonial blessing of the Ko’i and presentation to 12 moku districts of Maui.

Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce promotes and sustains the Hawaiian culture and improves the socio-economic status of Native Hawaiians in business and as individuals.

Grounded in the framework of the host culture, we strive to offer our membership the tools to strengthen the value of their businesses and as professionals through educational and cultural workshops, networking, leadership and communication roles, and community service.

This video shows you the ceremony leading up to the 2010 Ko’i Dinner & Awards Invitation Event. The Ko’i, Hawaiian stone adze, was a tool used by early man and highly prized by Hawaiians. It helped them shape their world to survive in the most isolated place in the middle of the Pacific. The chamber has adopted the Ko’i as its symbol and it is with great honor we present Ko’i awards to four recipients at our first annual Ko’i Award Dinner. It would be an honor for you to join us at this very special tribute to those who have shown excellence in leadership, diligence in action, and responsibility to their native community.

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