Lua – Spiritual Warriors of Hawaii

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The Warriors of Hawaii

Lua - Spiritual Warriors of HawaiiIn ancient Hawaii, as in most indigenous cultures, men were expected to have both a warrior presence as well as a peaceful presence (at peace within themselves). A warrior who was at peace within himself was the master at balancing “power and harmony”. In spiritual practices, that balance is the most powerful force in the universe. Warriors were considered very attractive by women, and were potential candidates to become chief. They were referred to as “nakoa.” Nakoa were the gatherers and protectors of the women, children, and elders.

The best warriors were selected for advance training called “Lua.” They were experts in the fighting arts, but, more importantly, they were practitioners in the physical and spiritual healing arts. Their mere presence brought fear to potential troublemakers even without them saying a word or lifting a hand. Yet their peaceful presence and charisma brought a sense of well-being and security to all people.

At the present time, lua training is available to native Hawaiians only, and is done in secret. Few Hawaiians have the privilege of being invited to learn the art, and only a few last beyond the initial training.

The most respected and highly skilled lua warriors become the leaders and teachers. They are known as the “olohe.” Olohe are selected by other olohe, and their mastery in all aspects of Hawaiian warrior arts, culture, healing, and spirituality is superb. There are less than 15 known legitimate olohe alive today.

Published reports and books refer to Kahu Naone as a recognized olohe. He is a teacher in the basic training of lua warriors throughout Hawai’i. Kahu is also an expert in the different parts of the body, and is the principal herbal and spiritual healing teacher for lua warriors. His knowledge of warrior weaponry and their application in fighting and spiritual arts is superb.

For more information about Lua and other Ancient Hawaiian training, including Spiritual Healing, Herbal Healing and Hawaiian Culture, go to:


Lanai Culture & Heritage Center 808-565-7177

Lanai Culture & Heritage Center 808-565-7177

Join the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center for “Aloha Lana‘i” A Benefit to celebrate the Aloha of Lanai. The Island, The People, The Culture, The Aloha!

Directed and Produced by Ken Martinez Burgmaier. A Jazz Alley TV, & Holoholo Films Production.

Celebrating the Rich Cultural & Natural Heritage of Lana‘i.

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Tacos Maui 8th Wonder – Maui Hawaii

tacos maui 8th wonder


1. Aphrodisiac Salmon Taco
2. Barbie-Cute Mermaid Taco

Tacos Maui 8th Wonder
We are open Monday to Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Tacos Maui 8th Wonder is Located in Paia, at:
105 Baldwin Ave. – Paia Maui, Hawaii
In the front of the public parking lot next to the post offices

Contact us at:

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Maui Driving Magazine – Maui Hawaii


Maui Driving Magazine is handed out to Maui Visitors 7 days a week at over 100 locations on Maui, as well as the inter-island airport terminal on Oahu. We also have 10 Aloha Greeters handing out Maui Driving Magazine to hundreds of visitors everyday at Kahului Airport!! Every visitor needs maps and directions to find what they’re looking for on Maui. That’s why the Maui Driving Magazine gets into the hands of over half a million visitors every year!!
Maui Driving Magazine
In addition to providing Maui’s most updated Driving Maps and Directions, Maui Driving Magazine also offers readers information on The Top 10 Activities on Maui, Hot Stuff on the Island, Maui Facts and Information, The Road to Hana, Restaurant Guide and more!! Read stories about area attractions and businesses to find your route to the best deals, the best sights, the best shopping, dining, activities, accommodations, maps and more!

Click here to download the 2012 Media Kit, complete with General Information as well as Advertising Rates and Specifications.

Maui Driving Magazine
180 Dickenson St. 207, Lahaina, HI 96761
808.661.1155 fax 808.667.0809



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Maui’s Favorites Magazine – Maui Hawaii

Exploring Maui Just Got Easier!!

From Lattes to Luaus, and Black Sand Beaches to Black Sea Pearls. We’ve Got You Covered.

Maui’s Favorites Magazine is a FREE Publication providing information about things to do on Maui, Whether you’re looking for information on dining and entertainment, or activities and shopping, Maui’s Favorites Magazine shows you what LOCALS LOVE! Visitors want to know where the locals eat, what their favorite actvitities are, and were they like to shop. Find info on Luaus, Ocean Adventures, Great Restaurants, Shows, Nightlife, Shopping and More!!
Maui's Favorites Magazine

By providing detailed maps, along with Maui facts and other great info, Maui’s Favorites Magazine highlights the locations, phone numbers and websites of each advertiser. This provides vistiors a quick reference to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Maui’s Favorites Magazine
180 Dickenson St. 207, Lahaina, HI 96761
808.661.1155 – fax 808.667.0809


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Maui Magazine – Maui Hawaii


Maui Magazine has been handed out to Maui Visitors 7 days a week for the last 20 years!! This FREE Publication provides information about things to do on Maui, with over $500 in coupons offering deals on everyting from dining and entertainment, to activities and shopping. Find the best rates on Luaus, Ocean Adventures, Great Restaurants, Shows, Nightlife, Shopping and More!!
Maui Magazine

Maui Magazine also seeks out Maui’s Best 100!

Each Maui Magazine scopes out hundreds of companies island wide looking for the very best. Award winners receive recognition in Maui Magazine as well as a plaque or award commemorating their outstanding quality. Plus, the Maui’s Best logo is provided to advertisers for use on their brochures and their website. This has a measurable infl uence on visitors’ perception of your relevance and quality, compared to your competitors. By going through the current list of award winners, you can easily see that our judges hit it right on the head – those that win the award in our publication really are the best in their respective categories.

Maui Magazine
180 Dickenson St. 207, Lahaina, HI 96761
808.661.1155 fax 808.667.0809

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Maui Whale Watch Magazine – Maui Hawaii


Maui Whale Watch Magazine is one of the most exciting publications to be coming out on our island! Our whale watching season is a big boost from the visitor market, and Maui Whale Watch Magazine hits it head on. Full color, glossy, handed out at Kahului Airport by our airport greeters 7 days a week from December 15th to April 15th, distributed at all the Diamond & Republic parking lots in Lahaina, on Front Street, in Condos, Hotels, Shopping Centers throughout the island, it’s going to be a fantastic publication.
Whale Watch Magazine - Maui Hawaii

This truly is your guide to seasonal Whale Watching on Maui. Find information about Humpback Whales, Where to See Whales on Maui, How to Book a Dinner Cruise and Whale Watch while Dining, Photo Tips for Capturing Whales, Whale Watching Adventure Tours and The Best Whale Watch Trips & Deals.

We’re working with one of Hawaii’s premier whale photographers, and perhaps in the world, and the publication will be filled with Whale Watching Maps (with detailed Harbor Maps), and much more.

Maui Whale Watching Magazine
180 Dickenson St. 207, Lahaina, HI 96761
808.661.1155 fax 808.667.0809


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The Gecko Group Publishing- Maui Hawaii

Gecko Group - Maui Hawaii PublishingThe Gecko Group publishes and distributes the most comprehensive collection of Travel and Tourist information on Maui! The Gecko Group has been handing out it’s signature “Maui Magazine” to Maui Visitors 7 days a week for the last 20 years!! Along with publications that include “Maui Driving Magazine”, “Maui’s Favorites Magazine” and “Maui Whale Watching Magazine”.

The Gecko Group is lead by owner/publisher James Quine. James manages The Gecko Group with a simple idea…to greet visitors right when they arrive on the island with guides that will help them decide where to go, what to do, and how to get there. Each Gecko Group Publication offers visitors useful information on things to do and places to see on Maui, but more than that, it also offers area business the exposure (via advertising and editorials) to help generate sales! This is a win win for Maui, it’s visitors and the island’s tourism industry.

For more information about Gecko Group Publications, view details on Maui Magazine, Maui Driving Magazine, Maui’s Favorites Magazine and Maui Whale Watching Magazine.

Gecko Group Publishing
180 Dickenson Street # 207
Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 661-1155

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Kimo’s Furniture – Maui Hawaii

Kimo's Furniture Maui

Welcome to Kimo’s Furniture!

At Kimo’s Furniture you’ll find a wide selection of styles. We specialize in “Comforts of Aloha” a blend of tropical influences with modern day elegance which creates a distinct island flare.

Kimo Kinard, one of the company’s founders, was born and raised in Hawaii. He selected the pineapple to be our logo, which represents welcome. Kimo loved to talk story and wanted each person he encountered to feel welcome in the store, hence our slogan, “E Komo Mai”, come in and stay for a while.

Service, Service, Service is our motto. We strive to give each and every customer the support they need and the service they deserve. Kimo’s is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We believe in the “Aloha Spirit” and want to spread it.

Free delivery to the majority of the island is included with your purchase at Kimo’s. Our friendly, energetic delivery staff is the best conclusion to your furnishing experience. Time after time customers remark on how pleasant the delivery crew is. We are very proud of our terrific staff.

Our sofas are built in the states with quality products. Hardwood frames, fire rated, laminated foam, and a large selection of fabrics make our sofas a step above the rest. They can be designed to fit any space with an array of configurations and sizes. And because they are made in the USA, we can deliver them to our customers within 7 weeks. That’s right, weeks!

One of our signature lines, the Jessica Collection, was designed especially for Kimo’s. It is made of solid mahogany wood and split bamboo, which adds a touch of tropical to a traditional look.

Kimo’s Furniture – Maui
151 E. Wakea Ave. #101 – Kahului, HI

*Experienced Designer on Staff at No Charge to You
*Furniture Designs Exclusively Available Only at Kimo’s
*Huge Inventory in Stock Available for Immediate Delivery
*Custom Sofas Designed Just For You, Your Home or Condo, Available in Just 6 Weeks
*Our Specialty is Tropical & Contemporary Designs in Stock
*Experienced and Well Trained Staff Trained to Accommodate All of Your Furniture Needs
*We Also Supply Window Coverings, Kitchen Supplies & Electronics Upon Request

Click Here to Visit Kimo’s Furniture online!


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Lori Powers R(S) – Maui Hawaii

Aloha! It is my pleasure to welcome you to Maui via my website, where you will find the tools that you need to explore real estate anywhere on the island. I love Maui and want to share what I know with others who can appreciate what this island has to offer.

I offer you professional service and will provide you with excellent referrals through my extensive network of resources.

Visit Me Online at:

Have fun exploring. I look forward to hearing from you! Mahalo nui loa!

Island Sotheby’s International Realty | West Maui Team
5095 Napilihau Street, Suite 113A
Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761

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