Lua – Spiritual Warriors of Hawaii

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The Warriors of Hawaii

Lua - Spiritual Warriors of HawaiiIn ancient Hawaii, as in most indigenous cultures, men were expected to have both a warrior presence as well as a peaceful presence (at peace within themselves). A warrior who was at peace within himself was the master at balancing “power and harmony”. In spiritual practices, that balance is the most powerful force in the universe. Warriors were considered very attractive by women, and were potential candidates to become chief. They were referred to as “nakoa.” Nakoa were the gatherers and protectors of the women, children, and elders.

The best warriors were selected for advance training called “Lua.” They were experts in the fighting arts, but, more importantly, they were practitioners in the physical and spiritual healing arts. Their mere presence brought fear to potential troublemakers even without them saying a word or lifting a hand. Yet their peaceful presence and charisma brought a sense of well-being and security to all people.

At the present time, lua training is available to native Hawaiians only, and is done in secret. Few Hawaiians have the privilege of being invited to learn the art, and only a few last beyond the initial training.

The most respected and highly skilled lua warriors become the leaders and teachers. They are known as the “olohe.” Olohe are selected by other olohe, and their mastery in all aspects of Hawaiian warrior arts, culture, healing, and spirituality is superb. There are less than 15 known legitimate olohe alive today.

Published reports and books refer to Kahu Naone as a recognized olohe. He is a teacher in the basic training of lua warriors throughout Hawai’i. Kahu is also an expert in the different parts of the body, and is the principal herbal and spiritual healing teacher for lua warriors. His knowledge of warrior weaponry and their application in fighting and spiritual arts is superb.

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