ABB Executive Rental – Lanai, Hawaii 808-649-0644

ABB Executive Rental – Lanai, Hawaii – Car Rentals on Lanai! 808-649-0644

When you visit Lanai, you may find it difficult to rent a car at times, due to lack of availability. Thanks to ABB Executive Rentals you have options! ABB Executive Rentals has a small fleet of vehicles to choose from ranging from coupes, sedans, trucks and jeeps. Each vehicle at ABB Executive Rental will get you around the island and take you where you want to go, island style. Call Bart at 808-649-0644 to discuss car rental pricing options, vehicle availability & booking, vehicle choices, on/off road options, or just any general questions you may have.

ABB Executive Rental is there for you when you need a vehicle on Lanai. And…if we can’t provide the vehicle you need we’ll steer you in the right direction and let you know your options.

Lana’i is a popular tourist location and continues to grow with Aloha. ABB Executive Rental is there to grow with Lanai and provide locals and tourists with quality vehicles at a reasonable price. ABB Executive is a reputable and well established rental company on the island of Lanai. Please give us a call at 808-649-0644 to book your Lanai vehicle rental today!

Attn: Bart Baldwin
P O Box 630153
Lanai City, HI 96763

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808 Hummers – Hummer Rentals on Lanai! 808-286-9308

808 Hummers – Hummer Rentals on Lanai! (808) 286-9308

Your Lana’i adventure starts here!

Aloha and welcome to Lana’i, the small yet spunky Hawaiian island full of charm, gorgeous natural beauty and unique nuances that make it one of those places you just have to visit during your lifetime. With a resident population of just over 3,000, Lana’i is the perfect retreat escape. Here you can hide away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, avoid the tourist traps offered on the bigger islands and appreciate tranquil days and nights interrupted only by the occasionally bird call or gentle rainfall.

Lana’i is largely undeveloped, except for two spectacular resorts and two breathtaking championship golf courses. If you want an exclusive island experience, Lana’i is the place. This island is perfectly suited for those seeking untouched natural beauty, with or without creature comforts and luxurious amenities. The unpaved roads of Lanai beckon adventurers of all sorts. Great for those seeking an adventurous vacation.

With less than 30 miles of paved road, and hundreds of miles of dirt roads, The island of Lana’i offers some of the most incredible scenery in all of Hawaii, and our Hummer H2’s allow you to see it in the most incredible off-road vehicle ever built.

To see Lana’i the way it should be seen, reserve your Hummer H2 now….Get your Lana’i Hummer Rentals at 808 Hummers!

HUMMER 2 (6 Passenger)
$183.08 per day
$1,095.34 per week



808 Hummers
PO Box 631301
Lanai City Hawaii, 96763
(808) 286-9308

808 Hummers

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